Monday, July 18, 2005

Communication breakdowns

Ugh. So my comic feature for GameSpy was supposed to start this week. EVERYONE was expecting it this week ... well, everyone but GameSpy. It seems like things got hectic at the GameSpy offices with covering EA's Hot Summer Nights, plus two of the editors being out of the office for vacations and such. Communication kinda fell apart, so it looks like anything I write can't make it in til next week. The bad thing is that means the stuff I write is late, and it also delays my getting paid for the work. The bright side of it though is that I will have a little more time to write up some more detailed pieces for the series.

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JAYCEprime2791 said...

Dude, you should still get paid. It's not your fault people are on vacation and your stuff is on time. Bummer, dude.