Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Atari U Day One

Okay, so these pictures aren't the greatest, but most of the day was pretty frustrating to begin with and at least this shows that the day ended on a high note.

So, why was the big portion of the day so frustrating? I was rushing to get ready for the flight out to TX for Atari U. Then I got wrapped up in a phone call with an editor over at Sound & Vision Magazine trying to work out a deal for me to do some freelance work for him. I got delayed in Atlanta for over an hour and a half. Then when I got in, the hotel said the last shuttle had already run and that I would need to take a cab (which would run about $70). I got it all straightened out though, and we're all good now.

Met up with Sterling, the new PS2 editor at GameSpy, and a bunch of other gaming collegues. Ray tried to sneak up on me w/ his camcorder. And then the drinking started. We were all drinking and talking shop (and talking a lot of BS that had NOTHING to do with gaming) until the bar closed up.

So what did we do then? Naturally, we piled into a couple of taxis and went to a local bar (Mulligan's) for more drinks and some rounds of pool. There were a couple of girls playing pool a few tables down which got everyone's attention. Think about it ... you throw two women into the mix with about ten video game journalists who've been drinking for a few hours and funny times are sure to happen.

So, the guys were talking about how they'd try to get the girls' attention, when I decided if they were going to have any chance ... I had to step in. So I went up to the table, struck up a conversation, and then handed the ball off to Ray so he could try to hook up his buddy. Eventually most of the guys split their attention between the two tables. Anyway, the night went on, we all played pool, had drinks, and just had fun for the rest of the night.

And tonight? We're going adventuring again.

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Shane Bailey said...

Sounds like you had a fun night at the end and now I realize what the background noises were when I called. :) Hope the rest of the trip is as fun.