Monday, September 24, 2007

State of the WldCard address

First the bad news:

Unfortunately, I'm no longer working as the News Editor over at Game Almighty. I could make up some grandiose tale involving superheroics, midget mobsters, and ninja accountants, but the only truth would have probably been about the accountants part. The truth of the matter is, the company hit a bit of a financial speed bump and had to put a lot of the staff on a leave of absence for an indeterminate length of time.

Does this mean the end of Game Almighty? Hell, if you read comics enough, you know that nothing is dead 'til you see the body ... and even then it probably will come back. The site is still up and running, and you may even see an article from me on occasion during the restructuring. If and when things change, I'll let you guys know.

Now the good news:

Where one well dries up, another springs forth sometimes. Although I was never technically exclusive to Game Almighty, since I started there six months back, the only other real work I've done elsewhere was my usual production work with Electric Playground. Another season means another batch of Comic of the Week segments and more. Now that I'm freed up, I've been popping up again all around the place. New to the list of regular haunts? TeamXbox. Expect to see me doing a lot of writing over there in the coming months too.

Want to see some of the most recent stuff?

So, what's looming on the horizon? Look for an interview w/ Eric Holmes, lead designer on Radical's upcoming next-gen hit, Prototype as well as an exclusive interview with California State Senator Leland Yee regarding his thoughts on the video game industry and bill AB 1179 (the bill restricting the distribution of video games to minors that was struck down in CA District Court).

Now for the newest feature on the blog: the WldCard Omnibus, where I'll answer some frequently asked questions in rapid fire.

Here goes ...

  • Yes, I AM in fact single (big surprise)
  • Umm ... I don't really know WHY it's important for you to know what I'm wearing
  • Tonight? Probably watching Heroes and playing Halo 3. Got any better ideas?
  • No, you can NOT borrow $20 ... quit asking
  • Yes, I really do get paid to play video games
  • Yes, the job has its REALLY bad days (try putting together a list of the worst games ever)
  • Yes, there are still some surprises up my sleeves
  • The profile pic was by comic book artist, Kelly Yates. The colors were thrown on by me and my Photoshop.
  • The background pic is by comic artist Randy Green
  • Caboose is doing fine
  • Yes, I'm still deeply entrenched in the comic industry
  • Not real sure of its "meaning", but I hear it makes for a decent cereal, an okay magazine, and Brian's was a HILARIOUS Monty Python flick.

Okay, that's all for now ... feel free to submit your own questions for the next Omnibus here in a message or comment, or email it to me through the usual means.

End of line ...

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