Friday, June 17, 2005

So you wanna be a (DC) superhero?

Well folks, it was only a matter of time. The enormous popularity of the MMORPG City of Heroes has proven that gamers everywhere are itching to be superheroes. We're still waiting for more news about the previously announced Marvel MMO game from Vivendi Universal which was originally announced back in 2002 as having a 2005 release date. Now, comic and video game fans have a brand new project to salivate over.

Sony Online Entertainment and Warner Bros. have put out a joint press release today announcing the development of massively muliplayer online game set squarely within the expansive universe of DC Comics. Little information was released about the pending title, though SOE did set a schedule release for Winter 2007.


Jenn said...

So you're saying I can be...TWO Superheroes?!

Anonymous said...

"Berserker Barrage..."