Thursday, June 10, 2004

Crime and Punishment ... part two

Well, my first article for GameSpy went live today. It's the front page feature article ... the interview with Jimmy Palmiotti about the upcoming Punisher video game. I think the interview turned out pretty damned good. You can check it out here.

I've got a phone conference with the guys at Greedy Productions tomorrow. We're going to discuss some more possible projects for me to work on. We're also going to try and get the articles I've written for them so far up on the website. Hopefully we'll get that set up soon.

Anyway, it's been a long day, so I'm going to turn in now. Oh, for the record ... Riddick on the Xbox is a hell of a lot of fun. It looks great, plays great, sounds great, etc. The story is solid and does an amazing job of keeping you entertained. My only complaint? It's too damned short. Ah well, can't have everything. Either way, it's certainly worth the price of admission.

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