Saturday, June 19, 2004

What is this "down time" of which you speak?

Been running myself ragged this weekend ... well, limping myself ragged. Pulled a muscle in my knee earlier this week, so I'm moving around at just above a turtle's pace. It's getting better though, so I'll be back to speed shortly. In the meantime, I managed to get the Crash Purple and Spyro Orange reviews done and turned in even earlier than expected. I was hoping that the reviews would get posted before the weekend, but it looks like it'll be next week before they hit the site. Ah well.

Right now I don't have any pressing deadlines. I've got a couple of pieces I may go ahead and write up for Play to help fill the Ink section next month. I'm also working on some pitches for GameSpy. My main goal for the weekend is to go ahead and get things organized somewhat around here. Basically I want to make it easier to keep track of everything, such as invoices, business expenses, file copies of articles, etc. I'm also putting together something to help me keep track of each individual assignment, and respective status. No biggie ... just a bit of the usual mind-numbing background work.

And hey, maybe I'll even take a break this weekend.

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