Monday, June 14, 2004

One thing after another

Simply put, that's the only way to describe things over the past couple of days. Let's see ... where's a good place to start? I've been writing for Electric Playground lately, and I've done up some reviews for their website. The initial plan was for me to post the reviews over the weekend. Of course, Murphy's Law being as it is, things didn't quite go as planned. Basically, a scripting error caused part of the reviews not to show. Anyway, things should be fixed soon and the reviews will be up ... with more on a regular basis.

Moving on, I'm working on a review of McFarlane's Evil Prophecy for GameSpy. The game came into my mailbox on Saturday ... but the UPS Store my mailbox is at was closed. They forgot to call me and let me know the package was there. Instead, they tried to put the game into the mailbox. That would have been fine, but the front end of the mailbox is JUST too small to get the DVD case out. Well, I'll be damned if I was going to let THAT stop me. To make a long story short, a little inginuity and dexterity came together just right that day, so I was able to manage getting the case open and the game out. As for the case and the instructions? I got those early this morning. After playing the game, you want to know my initial thoughts? I should have left the damned thing stuck in the mailbox. Want to know why? Check out the full review on GameSpy in a few days and see for yourself.

Oh, and speaking of GameSpy ... another article went live today. This is one of those pieces about the Metal Gear Solid comic that I mentioned working on. The piece turned out pretty good, and there's some cool art posted as well. You can check it out for yourself over here.

Tomorrow is yet another busy day too. I've got to wrap up the Evil Prophecy review and get it out. I've got a few pitches to put together for GameSpy. And I have to do some more phone conversations w/ Greedy Productions. Yeah, it'll be another long day ... but I'll be enjoying every damned minute of it.

So there's the latest news. As always, I'll keep you posted.

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