Saturday, May 14, 2005

A bumpy start

Right now, I'm running on roughly a half hour's worth of sleep, so you'll have to excuse me if my wit isn't quite as sharp as usual at the
moment. So here's the latest update ...

I had a rough time getting to sleep last night. Originally, it has basic anxiety about the trip. Then when I finally wound down enough, my buddy in LA IM's me to say he probably won't meet me at the airport. Apparently he has some animatics to do by Monday and doesn't know if he can pull away. After a while, he finally decides that he CAN pick me up at the airport, but I'm on my own getting to the hotel tomorrow. (This is the condensed version of the conversation)

So, I look into cab fares, and it looks like between getting to the hotel and then to/from the Nintendo Sneak Peek, the cab fares will cost me about $60 tomorrow. Usually GameSpy would pick up the transportation tab, but no one from the staff is getting to the hotel before Monday.

Well, after dealing with all of that and finally getting my thirty minutes of sleep, Andrew met up with me and took me to the airport. And what happens when I get there? The first leg of my flight is cancelled
due to mechanical failure. So I get rescheduled and put onto one of those small connection flights to St. Louis (where I am now) and I'm supposed to be getting to LA two hours later. At least they upgraded me for the second leg of the trip to First Class. Ooooo. A comfortable seat to sleep in (heh).

Anway, I need some coffee now, so I'm going to wrap this up. I'll put a new update up later.

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Shane Bailey said...

Sorry it isn't starting out to well. I told you to go to bed earlier last night. Heh.