Thursday, May 12, 2005

Xbox 360 Revealed (?)

Okay ... so I just watched the 30 minute MTV/Microsoft infomercial .. er .. "special", MTV Presents: Xbox 360 Revealed and I've gotta say something. I pride myself on being a media whore, but DAMN ... these guys put even ME to shame. At least I've got some SUBSTANCE to what I say!! I've never seen people talk so much without actually saying anything. We finally heard the official name for the system,: Xbox 360. Of course, we've known that "unofficially" for a few weeks already. We got to see the unveiling of the top secret design ... which we've ALSO known for the past couple of weeks. Hell, the "leaked" pictures show off more than the special did, such as the system's wireless controller, headset, and camera accessory. To be honest, the coolest thing about the show was the job West Coast Customs did on an ORIGINAL Xbox!! Well, at least they showed some footage from some upcoming 360 games, right? Sure ... and once I recover from the epileptic seizures caused by the stroble-like quickness of the clips, I'll tell you my thoughts on them. At least the Killers were there and, according to Elijah Wood, "like you've never seen them before". Umm ... did he mean in concert on a small stage? Because that's about the only difference I saw.

Y'know, as a self-proclaimed media whore, I'm used to pimping myself out to the highest bidder for my writing. I tell people I have no shame when it comes to what assignments I'll take. But this MTV special even managed to make ME feel dirty for just being in the same business. For once, I'd like to see a video game special that doesn't insult those of us in the industry. Just once I'd like to see something designed to appeal to gamers as REAL PEOPLE!! I think some people have the right idea and I'll be busting my ass to hopefully help their work see the light of day. I'm also committing myself right now to do what I can to promote the industry as whole WITHOUT cheapening it, or those associated with it.

Y'know, I've got a LOT more to vent about. But right now, I need a shower or three ... after this MTV debacle, I may never feel clean again. *shudder*

If you want to at least see something decent on the system from the MS camp, check out the video that posted earlier for people participating in the OurColony viral marketing campaign.


CMacLeod said...

I agree. The show was flat out a piece of SHIT. Bleeps of game footage, no details of ANY THING!!! i want to sew microsoft and MTV to get my 30 mins back. The only good thing that i liked about it was when if flipped over to G4 TV and watched Judgement day durring commercials.

Jenn said...

Yeah, like I said...I'm not even a gamer and I was disappointed in that whole thing. I blame MTV.

Shane Bailey said...

Hey look here's the new X-b...

look there's the Killers!!!

Hey guys here's the new Perfect Dark Ga...

and now the Killers!!!

Anonymous said...

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