Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Drilling for a new well of creativity

Well, I just got out of my third shower for the day (simmer down, ladies). No, I didn't do something that made me feel particularly dirty, physically or emotionally. Actually, it just seems that for some reason, some of my best ideas come to me in the shower. Anyway, I had an assignment sprung on me at the last minute tonight for GameSpy. I'm contributing to their E3 Editors' Choice awards this year, and I had to quickly put together my thoughts on the games Full Auto and The Godfather ... by 9am tomorrow. Meanwhile, I also had to wrap up the review of the new GBA Fire Emblem game. Luckily, I got everything done and in on time now. So, unless something unusual comes up, it looks like I may get a day off tomorrow. Technically, I still have a pitch or two to put together, but there's no real deadline there.

Moving right along, I expect to post some interesting stuff up here soon. I'm working on the merchandising ideas as well as some cool giveaways/contests. But before any of that, I'm going to treat myself to a decent night's (morning's) rest.

Oh, and before I forget, my review of Need for Speed Underground 2 (DS) went live earlier on the GameSpy website. Check it out when you get the chance.

Night all.

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Jenn said...

A free day?! You know better than to say something like that where I can read it. ;) But seriously, I'm so glad you got that stuff done. I just hope you got some SLEEP.