Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Rough day at the "office"

So, we all know that my "office" is actually wherever the closest PC to me is at the time (either my desktop or my laptop). Anyway, I got the articles I needed to have written done last night and planned to get some sleep. Yeah, the whole "get some sleep" part of that plan didn't work out too well. I've been trudging through the day and feeling like the walking dead. Going to try to unwind again tomorrow. I'll let you guys know how that works out for me.

On another note, my review of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (GBA) went up earlier ... AND they decided to roll with my decision to have it as an Editor's Choice game. Made me feel pretty damned good about my review. Also, the article I was working on last night (my contribution to GameSpy's Annual E3 Awards: 2005) went live today as well. My contributiions were for #20 - Full Auto (Xbox 360), and The Godfather (which apparently got cut from the top 25).

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