Saturday, June 16, 2007

And now ... back to our show

It's been an unusually chaotic few weeks lately. One of the biggest things to happen is the posting of my three part feature on dealing with Jack Thompson. I got a surprising amount of positive feedback from the piece, and even got a mention on TechTalk Radio out of Arizona. There's a fun little postscript to the article as well, with Jack sending me his thoughts on it and my reply.

From: Jack Thompson
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2007 7:36 AM
To: David Chapman
Subject: Re: Final part of Game Almighty editorial

Nice touch using "Jack Ass." Pathetic.

... and my response?

From: David Chapman
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2007 8:34 AM
To: 'Jack Thompson'
Subject: RE: Final part of Game Almighty editorial

I appreciate you taking the time to read the article, or at least the title. Use of the term "Jack Ass" did seem apropos followin your references to me as a "piss ant".

Remember, I went into this initially in the hopes of talking with you and trying to understand your point of view. I was honest and forthright when I said that, while you and I would likely never see eye to eye, I want to present your side of the arguement and perhaps find a middle ground. It was your decision to dismiss things out of hand, and act unprofessionally by slinging insults and accusations. Even then, I tried to give you your "fair coverage", including posting your letter to Bill Gates regarding Halo 3 immediately after receiving one of your insults. The offer to respond to anything I or anyone else has written has always stood firm. I think the article reflects that as well.

It's simple, actually. You may consider me to be a "pathetic", "blasphemous", "piss ant" who needs to "get a life" ... but there are still two things I have that I hope one day you understand the concept of: "professionalism" and "integrity".

So there you go ... Nothing else new from Jack, though I did hear through the journalist grapevine that he said my piece was "not an article" but rather "a childish rant" and that Jack didn't "have time for this silliness". But obviously he at least read part of it ...

Moving on ...

I noticed this morning that Blogger is in the early staged of incorporating video posting. Well, that may be just the excuse I need to start posting a few video blogs on the site. For some of you, that'll mean actually seeing something other than the cartoon version of me online. I figure, I've got the digital camcorder ... maybe it's time to make use of it.

Okay ... that about wraps it up for now. More to come ...