Friday, May 20, 2011

Superhero ringtones?

Last week, I was spending some time at one of my local comic book stores when I came across a copy of Power Girl #23, guest starring one of my personal favorite DC characters: Zatanna.  No, I'm not going to spoil any major plotlines or anything, and I'm not even going to review the issue as a whole (though it was a fun read).  Instead, I'm zeroing in on one particular scene in the comic that got the ol' gears in my brain working.  Without giving too much away, let's just say that we, as readers, learned that Zatanna apparently has her ringtone set to "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" by The Police.  After I finished my little chucklefest at that revelation, I started to wonder something.  What would some of the OTHER heroes and villains of the DCU (or any comic universe for that matter) have as their ringtones?

Which brings us to this post.  That's right, here's a list of what *I* think would be great ringtones for some of comic's greatest (and not-so greatest).  Check 'em out and while you're at it, get creative and add a few of your own in the comments section, trend #ComicBookRingtones on Twitter, or over on my Facebook page.

  • Bizzaro - "Superman (I'm No Superman)", Lazlo Bane
  • Lex Luthor - "Smooth Criminal", Michael Jackson
  • The Joker - "Tears of a Clown", Smokey Robinson and The Miracles
  • Power Girl - "Brick House", The Commodores
  • Zsasz - "Scars", Papa Roach
  • Superman - "Kryptonite", 3 Doors Down
  • Red Tornado - "Mr. Roboto", Styx
  • Catwoman - "S&M", Rhianna
  • Captain Cold - "Ice Ice Baby", Vanilla Ice
  • Oracle - "(Do You Wanna Date My) Avatar", Felicia Day & The Guild
  • Harley Quinn - "Crazy Bitch", Buckcherry
  • Two-Face - "On The Flip of a Coin", The Streets
  • The Flash - "Supersonic", Bad Religion


  • Uatu - "Somebody's Watching Me", Rockwell
  • Nick Fury - "Secret Agent Man", Johnny Rivers
  • Thor - "Here Comes the Hammer", M.C. Hammer
  • Bullseye - "Hey Man, Nice Shot", Filter
  • Ghost Rider - "Highway to Hell", AC/DC
  • Captain America - "I Am a Real American", Rick Derringer
  • The Punisher - "Happiness Is a Warm Gun", The Beatles
  • The Hulk - "Monster", Skillet
  • Spider-Man - "Spiderwebs", No Doubt
I DID actually find a song for Deadpool's ringtone too, but Google let me down and I couldn't find the title or artist.  I found this clip of the song though, if any of you can help me figure it the rest.

AND on that note, yes I left out some big names and a lot of smaller names too.  Why? Because, dammit, that's where YOU come in.  Add to the list!! Have some fun!! Hell, if you can find something better than what I posted, then say something!!  Try to be creative, though, and avoid certain obvious references ... like the Wonder Woman theme, or the old Captain America theme.  Just avoid themes altogether.  And try to include the credits so those of us who might not know the song can look it up.

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