Wednesday, July 11, 2007

E3, Day T-Minus One

Okay ... so lots of craziness yesterday, including an apparent near-miss with another plane while flying to L.A. Maybe it's just me, but when the pilot comes on the speaker to say the turbulence we went through was our plane getting caught in another plane's jet wash ... a plane which no one in the cockpit saw coming or saw where it went ... well, I tend to get a little leery. Oh well.

Moving on, my connection at the hotel is a bit wonky (okay, it sucks), so there's been a delay posting yesterday's activities. Righ now, though, I'm at a Starbucks with my trusty T-Mobile HotSpot connection ... so I'll try to catch up while doing some extra work. Due to the screwed connection though, the video blog will likely have to start post-E3

Next up, I've got some pictures from the latter part of the evening. Sorry folks, no camcorder for the night then. These phone pics will have to do: