Tuesday, August 09, 2005

New reviews up @ GameSpy

It's Two 4 Tuesday over at GameSpy. Two of my reviews went up today - Outlaw Tennis (Xbox)and Shaman King: Master of Spirits 2 (GBA). Head on over there and tell me what you think. Oh, and as far as Atari U goes, I'll be writing up a few previews for some upcoming Atari games after getting some good hands-on time this afternoon. And tonight, we're all hitting downtown Austin for some fun. I'll report on it as I can.

Oh, and I did try to make a return to some Audioblogging, only to discover the phone number wasn't working (damnit). If I can get it up and running again, you can expect to HEAR more from me later.

** EDIT **
I just found that the number for the Audioblog WAS actually changed. I fixed up my information, so I should be doing some voice entries later.

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