Friday, June 24, 2005

Let the probing commence

My review of Destroy All Humans! went up at GameSpy today. Lots of fun, even if it is a bit repetitive. Check out the review, and more importantly, check out the game.


Randy Green said...

I'm human! Why would someone want to destroy me? Waaaaaaah!

WldCard said...

I guess aliens read comics too.

Randy Green said...

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaang! Yer hackin' on ma comic skillz.

Good thing you're not human, the aliens don't waste time on the "press".

WldCard said...

Nah dude ... you've gotta HAVE comic "skillz" before I can hack on 'em. Oh and I may be "press", but at least I know how to MEET a deadline.

David - 2
Randy - 1

Heh ... your turn.

Shane Bailey said...

Dude, you aren't going to get to see any more cool pages from Randy if you keep it up. :)