Thursday, July 21, 2011

A long time ago on a 360 far far away ...

There's no shortage of interesting news coming out of Comic-Con this year. And I'll be honest, there's WAY too much for me to cover it all.  I'll be doing what I can here and there in between assignments too, so I can update this blog with those little personal bits that I come across which seem pretty cool.

This particular tidbit falls squarely into that "I Think It's Cool!!" category.  What is it?  Why, it's a Star Wars Xbox 360!!

While hyping the upcoming release of Kinect Star Wars, Microsoft and LucasArts announced that they'll be releasing a special, limited edition Star Wars themed Xbox 360 console.  The new console, promoting the new motion controlled Star Wars game, is geekdom at its finest for Star Wars fans.

The console will set you back about $450, but you'll get your money's worth out of the package.  For starters, you get this cool R2-D2 inspired Xbox 360 console, complete with a 320GB hard drive for storage, that looks like you could have just picked it up off the back of a Jawa's Sandcrawler:
Much like the Halo themed Xbox 360 before it, this R2-D2 console will include custom sound effects when powering the system on and off.

And of course, where everyone's favorite astromech droid is, it's a safe bet that a certain protocol droid isn't too far behind.  Sure enough, the bundle also includes this golden C-3PO inspired controller for all your gaming action:
Rounding out the package, the bundle will include a Kinect sensor (in a matching white instead of the stock black color), a wired headset, a copy of Kinect Star Wars AND the obligatory Kinect Adventures games, and some sort of exclusive downloadable content.

So far, I haven't heard of an "official" release date for the console, but with the game due out this November, I'd expect to see this released before the end of the year, and most likely in time for those last minute Christmas shoppers.

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MarciaMorgan said...

I actually like this one a lot and I don't really like Star Wars that much.