Thursday, July 21, 2011

Will Spock get a flight ring?

More interesting news out of Comic-Con today, as we learn that the Starship Enterprise is taking a bit of a detour from its original five year mission in order to warp straight into a brand new voyage ... this time straight into the heart of the DC Universe and an encounter with a certain group of 30th century Legionnaires.  That's right.  Earlier today, IDW Publishing announced its first-ever crossover with DC Comics, courtesy of the upcoming six-issue miniseries, Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes, beginning this October.

Don't worry, continuity buffs, no one is trying to shoehorn the entirety of the Star Trek mythos into the DC Universe proper (or vice versa).  As we all know, both groups have done more than their fair share of dimension hopping over the course of their respective histories, and this will be no exception.

So, what's in store for both groups of space faring adventurers?

According to IDW, Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes begins with the crew of the original NC-1701 USS Enterprise beaming down to a planet's surface, only to discover that it's not the place they intended to be ... or even the right universe.  Meanwhile back at the Hall of Justice (sorry, just always wanted to say that) ... a group of Legionnaires from the era of the classic "Great Darkness Saga" story arc are unceremoniously dumped from a time sphere into this same unfamiliar version of the 23rd century. Things are familiar, but decidedly different here.  Instead of the United Planets or the Federation, there's now the "Imperial Planets of Terra, an empire focused on war and conquest.  Other threats include classic LOSH and Star Trek foes like Khunds, Klingons, Borg ... all of which are also not quite as they should be.

Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes will be written by Eisner nominated writer Chris Roberson (iZombie, Superman), with art provided by Jeffrey and Philip Moy, both of whom have tackled the Legion and Star Trek in other forms. Phil Jimenez will provide the standard covers over the course of the entire series, while variant covers for each issue will be offered from classic Legion of Superheroes artists such as Keith Giffen, Steve Lightle, and Mike Grell, as well as IDW mainstay and Best Artist Eisner-nominee Gabriel Rodriguez (Locke & Key) and others.

Seriously though ... can you imagine Spock with a Legion flight ring?  I mean, it's only logical ... right?

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