Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Comic-Con: The Adventure Begins ... er ... Is Delayed.

Okay. So right about now, I SHOULD be doing that last minute triple and quadruple check before heading to the airport and catching my flight to San Diego. And I WOULD be doing that ... if things were going according to plan.

 *SPOILER ALERT* They aren't.

I'd already checked in online for my flight and everything showed as on time and I had my printed boarding passes in hand, so I figured I was good to go.  Right about then, my phone rang.  It was Delta calling.  I didn't get to the phone in time, but I did call back immediately.  Apparently, there was a delay in the first leg of my flight.  Instead of flying out at 6:48p, a maintenance issue caused the flight to be delayed until 7:40p.  That wouldn't be such a bad thing if not for the fact that the delay meant I would be getting into Minneapolis with less than ten minutes before my next flight was scheduled to take off to San Diego.

Well, sonofa ...

Anyway, I talked with the rep at Delta (who is apparently a bit of a closet geek herself) who agreed that landing ten minutes before the next flight leaves is cutting it way too close.  After all, by the time the plane lands and I can get off the plane, that ten minutes would likely be eaten up.  So, since it was Delta's issue, they offered me a couple of options.  The first option involved booking the next flight out of Minneapolis ... which apparently meant staying overnight in the coziness of the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport for around seven hours and twiddling my thumbs.  Option #2 involved me taking the first flight out of Jacksonville tomorrow morning (5:45a), hitting ATL for a couple of hours, then catching the next flight to San Diego and arriving at 9:45a.  I chose Option #2.  On the upside, I DID get a small travel voucher for my trouble (especially since the Delta rep felt guilty for my Comic-Con adventures delayed tomorrow).

It's a little frustrating and throws a bit of a monkey wrench into my early Comic-Con plans (still have to pick up my badge), but I'm going to try and think positive about it.  Basically, I was already getting in late tonight anyway (11:50p) if things had gone as planned, so at best, I'd have been at the show at 8:30-9a to pick up the badge.  This way, at most, I'll be thrown off by maybe an hour or two max. (See?  This is me crossing my fingers)

Anyway, this isn't the way I thought my first Comic-Con update would go ... but it IS still an update.

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bmunchausen said...

Gah! I got stranded in Denver just that way, coming back from E3 last year. Booooo. Hope they get you there tomorrow.