Friday, August 20, 2004

Another busy weekend

Things are going to be more than a little hectic this weekend. Tomorrow I'll be moving up to Virginia for a while. I've got some projects to work on while I'm there too. So, I'll be keeping myself busy. Speaking of work, I had two reviews go live over at Gamexilla's web site. The reviews were for The Chronicles of Riddick on the Xbox and a hardware review of Tapwave's Zodiac PDA console.

Tomorrow, I should be getting a copy of the PS2 game A Dog's Life. I'm writing up a review on it for GameSpy. It's one of those crunch time interviews that needs to be finished by Monday. Considering the move tomorrow afternoon from Florida to Virginia, I'll basically be burning the midnight oil on Sunday to wrap things up. Like I said in the beginning, things are going to be more than a little hectic.

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