Monday, August 23, 2004

One move down

Well, I got through the move fairly well this weekend. I'm in Virginia now surrounded by boxes. The drive up on Saturday was a pain, but both WonderMutt and myself made it in one piece. Speaking of my canine companion, WonderMutt served up a lot of inspiration for my latest review. I just sent off a crunch-time review of A Dog's Life (PS2) for GameSpy. The game is a kid-friendly look at the world through the eyes of a dog. It's definitely geared more for young kids ... or adults who don't play many games. But overall, it's an entertaining game worthy of a family night rental.

I should be meeting up with Randy tomorrow. We'll hang out and talk about some ideas we're bouncing around. I'm also hoping to get some more stuff set up at the place here ... like a computer desk. Right now, I'm sitting on the floor typing up this entry into the blog with my monitor sitting on a TV stand.

As always, I'll be posting whatever's happening with me on the blog, so keep checking things out. As I get settled in up here, I'll probably be posting more on a regular basis ... of course I'll also be writing a lot more too. Feel free to drop me a line and say hey any time.

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