Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Majesco is officially "COOL"

Okay, so this is one to file away under the "What?" category.

Majesco, the publisher behind such games as BloodRayne, Advent Rising, and Infected, has officially changed its name from Majesco Holdings Inc. to Majesco Entertainment Company. While that in itself doesn't seem like such a major event, what is funny is that the company has also decided to take the opportunity to change its listing under the NASDAQ market. The company, formerly traded under the listing "MJES", officially began trading on the stock market under its new NASDAQ listing ... "COOL".

According to Carl Yankowski, Majesco’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer:
“We believe that the name Majesco Entertainment Company is indicative of our strategy to provide innovative and appealing digital entertainment products to the consumer. Furthermore, we believe our new ticker symbol COOL represents the unique culture and innovative spirit of Majesco.”

Majesco management will be on hand at the NASDAQ Market Site on April 13, 2005 to celebrate the new change by ringing the opening bell.

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