Friday, November 19, 2010

One down ... more to come?

Well ... I came, I saw, but I didn't quite conquer.

I got the word on Monday that I just missed the mark on the job I flew out for last week.  Did I "blow it" like I thought I did?  Hard to say, but it was a really close race.  And  if you ask any professional athlete, they'll tell you from experience that in a close race, even the slightest mistake can cost you the game.  Here's the thing, though ... we're all human and we all are prone to making mistakes.  The trick is to learn from them and push forward.

So what's next?  Well, the good news is that the opportunity in Denver is just one gig I was vying for.  Plus, I'm still focusing on my writing.  Got a couple of articles I'm working on this weekend for USA Network and as soon as my plane touched down last Friday, I had a review assignment for @Gamer waiting for me.  I also had another "test" piece to write up.  What it all adds up to is another long week of writing, but still remembering to come up for air.

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