Saturday, July 16, 2005

Second day con adventures

First off, I've gotta apologize if this post gets a little disjointed. I'm in the process of writing a feature piece for GameSpy on Tuesday. Yeah yeah ... I know it's only Satuday, but between covering the show for GameSpy and filming with Electric Playground, I'm not going to have a lot of time between now and Monday night to get it all done.

Yesterday was another round of setting up meetings, coordinating articles, and basically doing some hardcore networking. I was surprised to run into Vic (Victor Lucas from EP) around lunch. The original plan was for him to come in on Friday night. Anyway, it got sprung on me that he needed me to not only get people to agree to the interviews, but to basically schedule most of today's shooting as a whole. We grabbed lunch, discussed some possible projects, and caught up on the latest happenings. We were supposed to touch base later in the evening to review the shooting schedule I worked out, but I never got the call from Vic. So I guess everyone's just going to have to be happy with what I came up with and improvise when changes pop up.

Had a long talk with Brad Foxhoven and David Wohl from Titan Productions. I know both of the guys from their days back at Top Cow. Since then, they've founded a new IP development studio. Titan's main goal is to get Hollywood more involved in the video game industry, and to develop some quality properties. Titan is currently working with Clive Barker and John Carpenter, and there are a few other deals finalizing as we speak ... deals with a LOT of potential. I've also scored an exclusive with Titan about changes to the Clive Barker game Demonik. It seems that all the art has been redesigned by artist David Finch, and it looks frikkin' AMAZING!!!

So, I've set up a BUNCH of filming all day. Interviews with Paul Jenkins, Josh Blaylock, Jae Lee, Christina Z., Ed McGuiness, Brandon Peterson, Joe Kelly, and a whole lot more. I've also got more to do with GameSpy at EA, Majesco, Activision, and a few other gaming stops.

I'm going to make a point of stopping by Design Studio Press early in the day. Why? Because the guys from High Moon Studios will be there signing copies of The Art of Darkwatch. That is a gorgeous book, and I'm really looking forward to the game now. And speaking of games, it looks like I'll be going to Rockbottom Brewery tonight for a get together with the crew from Backbone Entertainment, the developers of Death Jr.

There's a lot more going on, but I'm pressed for time. I'll catch up later.

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