Friday, July 08, 2005

Working all the angles

This seems to be the norm lately, but I've got a lot off different things in the works at the moment. More than enough on my plate to keep me busy.

First off, on Wednesday I'll be flying out to San Diego to cover Comic-Con International 2005. While there, I'll be covering the event for GameSpy, helping Greedy Productions with some filming, and possibly working the event freelance for a couple of other places as well. Immediately following the show, GameSpy will begin my week-long series spotlighting the relationship between the comic book and video game industries. The series will include interviews with comic professionals, previews (and reviews) of various comic-based projects, commentaries, and more.

Speaking of commentaries, I'm currently working on a plan for a regular weekly or bi-weekly column. The column may appear in rotation at GameSpy, but either way it will begin within the next week or so here at Stacking the Deck. One thing I've noticed in my time covering pop culture is that anything with any semblance of status lives and dies through the support of its fans. While this may seem to be a pretty basic observation, have you ever really taken the time to examine various fanbases? Many cover the entire spectrum of backgrounds, befliefs, status, and the like. The new column will take a closer look at some of the memebers of these fanbases, and spotlight what it is about different industries, franchises, properties, products, etc. that brings together such a diverse range of people. Don't worry though ... my usual wit and charm will remain intact. (Translation: "Yes, I'll still be a smart ass a lot of the time.")

I'm still working on putting together the pitches for some television, radio, and print projects as well. Also, it looks like I may start writing for a couple of new media outlets. Once things get a little more cemented, I'll pass the word along.

Yeah, there's a LOT more going on, but I'm pressed for time at the moment. I'll update more later. OH!! Look for remote updates to the blog direct from Comic-Con next week too ... that includes remote email posts, pics, and even audioblog entries.


Randy said...

San Diego ain't big enough for both of us, ya' varmit!

WldCard said...

Okay pilgrim ... DRAW!!

Oh wait, you have enough difficulties with that, don't ya. (HA!)

David - 3
Randy - 1