Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Book of the Month

Okay, so I'm not Oprah (thankfully), but I've decided to jump on the "book club" bandwagon so to speak and start up the occasional "Book of the Month" post to let you guys know what I think would be worth reading. To start things off I'm giving you a two-for-one deal, with the book "How to Be a Villain" and its sequel "The Villain's Guide to Better Living", both written by Neil Zawacki.Both books are insightful looks into the world of supervillains. Hey, being evil is hard work (trust me), and Zawacki's helpful "How To" manuals are extremely informative to you up and coming supervillains.

In "How to Be a Villain", Zawacki guides you through everything from choosing your evil name and building your secret hideout, to choosing which minions are best and how to handle to pesky "heroes" that cross your path. And for those times when the creative juices just aren't flowing right, the book even offers up a useful Evil Plan Generator to help you in your quest for world domination. This is definitely a "must have" for any aspiring world conquerer.

Once you've got you've got your secret lair and your legions of minions, it's time to move to Zawacki's follow up book, "The Villain's Guide to Better Living". In it, Zawacki explains how to get the most out of your villainous lifestyle. This guide covers everything from home decor and personal health to how to land that cushy corporate job and throw a wickedly "wicked" party for your evil friends ... all by making the most out of your villainous experience.

Both books are seriously fun reads, as well as educational references for those of us with a more ... flexible ... code of ethics. Pick both of these books up today and tomorrow you could be well on your way to earning success the old fashioned way: by crushing all resistance and forcing humanity to work under the yoke of your iron fisted rule.

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