Saturday, May 14, 2005

California here I come (okay ... so I'm already here)

Okay, let's try this again. I wrote this once, and the damn text box got wiped.

So I'm in LA finally, although not without just a little more drama. I got in to LAX a little early, got my luggage, and decided to call LeSean to see where he was in relation to the airport. Come to find out, he was still stuck at work and needed me to take a cab to his office. One $35 cab ride later, I finally met up with him and got over to his place to crash for the day. I've got the laptop hooked up for now and decided to go ahead and post the latest update.

There's not too much going on right now. Things start kicking into gear tomorrow. I check in to the Millennium Biltmore Hotel tomorrow afternoon around 3:00p PST. Then I need to catch a ride over to Nintendo's sneak peek for some serious 'hands-oning' (That's the new vocabulary word for the week, courtesy of Bryn Williams, Managing Editor at GameSpy). That'll be from 5:00p - 6:00p PST. And then it just snowballs from there.

I think I may crash for a bit soon though, just to catch up on some well deserved sleep. Although, since I have some down time before the show, I'm seriously considering working on some ideas for Stacking the Deck (SD) merchandise. One suggestion (made by the voice inside my head which always seems to relish in getting me in trouble) was to take the old WldCard avatar logo and slap it on the thong available on CafePress. After all, my hordes of screaming fangirls will need to have something to throw at me when they see me in public, right?

Hey, for those of you that know me, you also know that I'm naturally a smart ass. So I'm probably going to run this whole "WldCard groupies/fanclub" thing into the ground, laughing maniacally the whole time. Do I really expect to develop some "rock star" level of popularity where women throw themselves at my feet? Do I really think that I'm going to have hordes of fans clamoring for a chance to see me? Am I really THAT full of myself? Truthfully, no. But I'mk having a lot of fun with this. And besides, if there's one thing the boy scouts taught me it's to "Be Prepared." And no, I WASN'T a Boy Scout ... but I did stumble across the one troop lost in the woods that one time. Okay, it was actually HALF the troop ... the others got hungry and ate the weaker kids for survival since the Girl Scouts had monopolized the cookie market. But still, the point is, I need to be ready if I DO get those wild groupies lusting after me.

Oh, and for those of you that have never seen the old WldCard avatar that will be popping up on SD merchandise, it looks a little something like this:

WldCard avatar Posted by Hello

I'll try to get some stuff up within a couple of weeks after I get back from E3. So go ahead and start making suggestions about what types of SD merchandise would grab your interest. And remember, it's up to all of you to help make this one poor media whore's dream of being idolized by the masses come true. (Heh)

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