Saturday, May 07, 2005

Change is in the air

If you're reading this, you've probably noticed that I did some redesigns on the look of Stacking the Deck. Unless of course, this is your first time here and you never saw how it looked before. If that's the case then WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG TO VISIT?!? Okay. I now that I got that out of my system.

Anyway, I'm still as busy as ever ... actually busier than ever ... but I've decided to commit a lot more time here. There's going to be a lot of interesting things coming down the road. More Audioblog entries. More Moblog pics. And ... well .. just MORE.

There's also going to be more than just some cosmetic changes too. The focus of the blog is still going to be my work and the industry ... but it's also going to give a little peek inside the usual grind of my life in general and the adventures therein. If something fun, funny, or interesting happens to me ... you just might see it posted up here. Keep in mind though, I did say a "peek" into my life. Sorry folks, no deep dark secrets or personal "Dear Diary" entries. That just isn't me. This is meant to keep people posted on what's happening with me and to ENTERTAIN.

Since I already mentioned the moblog pics, I'll let you know of a couple of new things in the works. Blogger just recently added the ability to incorporate pics from mobile devices into blog entries like regular posts. Basically, I'll take a pic, send an email, and POOF ... instant blog entry. I'll be using this a LOT in my blog now that I've set it up. But for those of you who've checked out my Textamerica moblog before (look at the sidebar for the latest pic), it won't be neglected. Textamerica gives me a little more freedom in how I edit the pictures, so I'll still be using it as well ... just maybe not quite as much.

So keep coming back to see what's new, what's changing, and just what kind of trouble I've gotten myself into lately.

Oh yeah ... one week 'til I hit L.A. and E3.

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