Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Full Auto

Okay. I don't even HAVE an Xbox 360, and I want this game so bad I can taste it. It's one part Burnout and one part Twisted Metal ... And all SORTS of fun. Cars go "BOOM!!" a lot. Plus, there's a unique "unwreck" feature which rewinds time for a bit so you can try to avoid something you may have crashed into. Think Prince of Persia and you'll have an idea. Expect me to be pimping the hell out of this game.


Shane Bailey said...


WldCard said...

Yup ... developers are working out the details, but it looks like you will be able to play 4 players split-screen and 8 players online. Also, they're working out cool ways to keep the Unwreck function in multiplayer.

JAYCEprime2791 said...

Give us more!!!